Preventative and Anti Aging Treatment

At Elite Facials in Los Angeles, CA, we offer a variety of preventative and anti aging treatments via any one of our spa facials or other skin treatments— leaving your skin bright and glowing.

The First Signs of Skin Aging

Fine lines around the eyes, loss of volume, and loss of elasticity in the face are the first indicators of skin aging to look out for. Because this is where we carry the majority of our expressions, fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips may be the most common first symptom of aging detected. Fine wrinkles occur in these regularly utilized facial areas when our skin loses flexibility and volume. Another premature symptom of aging to be mindful of is hyperpigmentation, or sunspots, caused by overexposure to UV radiation with inadequate protection from SPF. These early indicators of age in the face usually occur when our cellular activity slows down in our thirties, but it’s not uncommon for twenty-somethings to discover signs of aging if they don’t start using preventative skincare right away.

The Most Difficult Skin Aging Signs to Reverse

If you don’t engage in preventative skincare early on, you’ll face a slew of adverse aging skin issues, from wrinkles to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation, which is produced by sun exposure, is one of the most difficult symptoms of aging to reverse. Hyperpigmentation manifests as liver spots and melasma on the skin.

Melasma is defined as dark, brown skin spots on the face. Liver spots are similar in appearance and appear as small, flat black patches on the skin. Another indicator of skin aging that is extremely difficult to prevent is sagging skin, which can contribute to deep creases around the mouth known as nasal labial folds. At that point, giving the skin a more lifted and smooth appearance is difficult without more advanced anti aging treatments like microcurrent (which can re-educate and lift the muscle around the skin).

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