Combination Skin

Combination skin has the most detail-oriented skincare required to stay healthy. Since different areas of your skin require a variety of techniques applied to them, you’ll have to accommodate them each effectively.

Identifying combination skin is the first step to remedying it. This won’t be super clear from the jump. You’ll have to observe how your skin adjusts and reacts to different products, climates, and more.

Signs of Combination Skin

Flaky Dry Skin

If just your chin, neck, or another area has flakes spreading, then dryness has set into that particular area. Applying remedies is simple to hydrate these areas. What makes the remedies more difficult is how the surrounding areas react.

Oily, Shiny Skin

Surrounding flaky skin or just exceedingly oily skin in general needs very fine-detail attention. The majority of this affected area will come down to how your pores have adjusted to your moisturizers and other skincare techniques.

Facial Combination Skincare Needs

Combination skin and the face needs precision attention throughout your daily routine. The success of your skin staying healthy will revolve around what’s called the “T-Zone.”

What is the T-Zone?

The T-Zone on your face is the central area around your nose connected to your cheeks and going to the top of your face. This area will make or break how your skin responds to the rest of your skincare regimen on your face.

Creams, Cleansers, and Moisturizers

With your T-Zone in mind (nose, cheeks, and forehead), apply these three products depending on their oily, sensitive, or dry nature. Additionally, be selective with which products you use that have oil in their base. Oil-heavy products will have a lasting impact on your skin and can be a bit too rich for the skin in some cases.

Additional Skincare Services

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