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Elite Facials Provides the Best Facials in Los Angeles, CA, we offer you various acne treatment options!

At Elite Facials in Los Angeles, CA, we offer a variety of acne treatments through our spa facials or other skin treatments— leaving your skin bright and glowing.

We offer our clients the most innovative non-surgical skincare treatments available, as well as anti-aging skincare products in a client-centered day spa environment. Our professional and licensed estheticians will provide you with the best facial treatments in the market, using state-of-the-art skincare devices and technology.

Are you looking for skincare solutions that will give you long-lasting, glowing results? Look no further than Elite Facial’s wide selection of facial treatments!

Acne Treatment - Elite Facials - Los Angeles, CA

Elite Facials Provide the Best Acne Facials in Los Angeles!

Dry skin

Enzyme Peel Facial

Our Enzyme Peel Facial is designed to give your skin a deep cleanse and leave your complexion feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Reduce Hyperpigmentation, Nourish Dehydrated Skin, & Reduce Signs of Aging

Celluma LED Therapy Facial

Our Celluma LED Therapy Facial provides a perfect combination of light energy, heat, and massage to reduce wrinkles and boost circulation.

Reduce Signs of Aging, Thin Skin, and Hyperpigmentation, & Increase Skin Hydration

Drying Spot Cream

Our Drying Spot Cream is perfect for those pesky spots that just won’t go away, as it helps minimize their appearance in as little as one application.

Eliminate Uneven Skin Texture & Acne

Cucumber Daily Cleanser

Finally, our Cucumber Daily Cleanser not only cleanses the face but also nourishes it with special ingredients like cucumber extract and aloe vera.

Cleanse & Purify for Refreshed Skin

All facials are 50 minute long

With these products, you can trust that your facial routine is being taken seriously! Each treatment is designed to promote healthy skin from the inside out and help you achieve maximum radiance.

They’re all made with top-quality ingredients so that you can feel even better about taking care of yourself.

Elite Facial gives the best facials in Los Angeles. And we are sure to have something for everyone looking for skin care solutions—try it today for a look that will last!

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