Enriched-Oxygen Peel Facial


Enriched-Oxygen Facial

This advanced treatment will also include Cold Therapy to reduce inflammation and leave your skin hydrated and glowing!

Best for: Signs of aging, Fine Lines, Calming of Acne

All skin types

  • When combined with a gel applied to the skin, the capsule creates a CO2-rich foam that kills bacteria and aids in removing debris from the surface. The “scrub” the process requires is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin without the risks and discomfort.
  • During the procedure, an aesthetician will first cleanse and exfoliate your face, and use an oxygen wand to deliver a stream of high pressurized oxygen to the skin’s surface.
  • Different Serums, usually containing hyaluronic acid which is known to plump the skin, are also applied to the face with the wand or after the oxygen portion of the facial.


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