HydroSonic Infusion Facial


HydroSonic Infusion Facial

Deep, non-invasive penetration of skin with anti-aging solutions

Best for: Sign of aging, thin skin, pigmentation, hydration

Works for all skin types!

“Non-invasive” doesn’t have to mean “non-effective”. A game-changer technology that allows us to push different solutions into the skin— such as retinol, vitamin cocktails, antioxidants, and CBD— up to 3 mm below the surface of the skin without using a needle.
With the innovative HydroSonic Infusion technology we are able to deliver beneficial liquid solutions through the surface of the skin to affect the deepest level of the skin.

Penetrating that outer protective layer means solutions simply work better, last longer, and have the absolute best chance of affecting change in a skin’s appearance. During the facial, we will use a powerful micro-current to tighten the skin and leave it plumped and hydrated.

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