Sensitive Skin

Suffer from sensitive skin? Effective remedies are hard to come by. You’ll go from feeling comfortable and confident out on a summer day to moisturizing and hiding away from the sun inside.

As your trusted local professionals, we provide quality sensitive skin solutions.

What Causes Sensitive Skin?

The over-sensitivity of nerve endings under your skin is a primary contributor to this skin condition. Products, exposure to the sun, or even eating spicy cuisine can cause this sensitivity to flare up. A reddish or pinkish hue is seen on the skin as a result, which can lead to unpleasant irritations.


While you can never eliminate your skin type, you can at least maintain its best condition. This will take ample time trying different moisturizers, soaps, and other cosmetic products to find which is the most successful for your needs.

A major pain point you want to avoid is trying too hard to rid yourself of sensitive skin instead of treating the symptoms.

Warm Showers

Showers at a peak temperature of almost-hot water is best to avoid causing skin irritation.

Good Shaving Practices

Avoid using razors that sting your skin or make it feel uncomfortable. Razor burn is common, so it’s important to invest in the products that make you feel the most comfortable.

Light Soaps

Soaps applied to your body are used daily and need to be properly designed for sensitive skin. Otherwise, your skin can easily be irritated by the fragrances and other ingredients. Generally speaking, it’s best to have the right soaps to not aggravate your skin’s sensitivity. If it is, there’s likely an ingredient or two that just does not agree with your body. Find the perfect soap for you and stick with it.

Is Sensitive Skin Treatable?

While sensitive skin is treatable by a dermatologist, the symptoms can return over time. Your best bet is to instill strong practices into your daily routine that keep your skin as comfortable and refreshed as possible. At Elite Facials we have products and treatments that can help you deal with your skin.

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